Climbing Mount Rainier

For more background on this, read about my plan. I wrote that in February to explain my upcoming (at the time) trip to Mount Rainier. I completed that trip in July and began writing this in September. It took me a while to process everything, decide that I really did have something to say about it, and just sort of want to sit down and write about it.

In short, I did a six day skills seminar on Mount Rainier to learn mountaineering stuff. It’s a prerequisite course for being able to climb Denali in Alaska with the guide service that I used. It’s also some pretty cool knowledge to have if you do hiking and anything in the backcountry. There were eight of us climbers to go along with three guides. The story is long, but should provide some good information for anyone who is thinking about doing this. I also hope that it’s a fun read.

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Five Reasons Fast Company is Wrong About Reno

That Fast Company article was totally dumb, am I right? Here are five photos that will restore the faith you have that Reno is still alive and kicking!

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I Bet It's Freezing Cold on Paradise

It’s getting a little bit, um, real-er. Almost a year after first posting about my insane, next-to-impossible goal of eventually ascending Denali, I am taking a legitimate step toward it.

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Climbing Mount Rose via the Southeast Ridge

I originally saw this possibility while reading up on how tough of a hike Mount Rose might be. It’s listed on Summit Post (number 3) as one of the main routes up to the top. The description there is basically exactly as I’ve been describing it to people I talk with, so I won’t go into all the detail here. I particularly hoped to get above the smoke from the King Fire burning to the southwest of Lake Tahoe. As it was, there wasn’t too much smoke on this morning, but I did get to see some hanging in the valleys.

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Griswold Lake and Climbing Ruby Dome

“This is the hardest three miles I’ve ever done with a pack on.” That was my cousin, Cotie, as we made what we expected was the last bit of ascent up the trail toward Griswold Lake. We were climbing up rocks and through small fractures in the canyon that housed Butterfield Creek about 20 miles south of Elko and a mile west of the more popular and famous Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains. Cotie would later revise his statement to this: “That was the hardest three and a half miles I’ve ever done with a pack on.”

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