73 hours is not that long

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday June 27, 2006.

Well, sumbitch. You try to come back from a brief 73 hour jaunt away from technology and all hell breaks loose. I guess hell itself didn’t break loose, but some things happened. Okay one thing. The Cobb Gobbler is dust. The site has been ripped. That makes my interview with him one of two things: 1) completely useless and irrelevant, or 2) a blockbuster. Supposedly the Cobb Gobbler will have a new site up today. He told me via email that the site was removed by the host and, “All I could get out of them is that it was declared a fraudulent site by law enforcement.” What law enforcement has the authority to declare that? Would a county sheriff have that authority?

The Cobb Gobbler screwed up when he went and used Dillon’s name. I’m still not convinced it’s not Dillon, but either way, it was a bad move. For instance, if it is Dillon, election laws are being violated. If it’s not Dillon, fraud cases can be made. While I am unaware of the ability of law enforcement to take down a site without contacting the owner with proof of fraud (which the Cobbler claims has not happened), there certainly could be trouble in the future for the person paying the bills and using a fake name. Why not just go with an anonymous registration to begin with? It’s possible. I will really try to put something together this evening about the interview. Until then, I have a few photos I need to sort through.

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