Lima Time

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday October 9, 2004.

lima time
I love it. What an unreal ballgame pitched tonight by my man Lima Time. Not only did he beat the best offensive team in baseball, he shut them out. He looked cool, smooth, and like an absolute superstar tonight. what a ballsy call by Jim Tracy not only to let him finish up tonight, but simply to have him on the roster for this series. And if you don’t believe me in this, check the comments on Jon’s brilliant Dodger site for even more praise, some of it even coming after guys questioned the decision to let him finish. The guy went to town tonight. He pwn3d the Cards. Props Lima Time.

Now for the stuff that kills me. All year, we get Fox Saturday baseball with Thom Brennaman and Steve “Psycho” Lyons. I might be different from many baseball fans in that I love Psycho. brennaman has his moments, but the guy is the D’Backs play by play guy, so he can screw himself. And speaking of guys who can screw themselves, Jon Miller sucks, and if he winds up in LA, I’ll switch teams. So I’m down with Brennaman and Psycho, and it seems to work, being that they work together every freaking Saturday all year long. They’re funny, they can fill the down time with a little fun, they seem to have shemistry, whatever. Why then does Fox force me to listen to Brennaman partnered with one of the worst homers ever to call a game, former Cardinal himself, Tim McCarver? And why in hell does that guy still have a job calling games to begin with? Not only should he not have a job calling nationally televised playoff games, he shouldn’t even have a job calling crappy Mets games. He is terrible.

Case in point, taking 17 minutes to explain why when Milton Bradley reaches bas with two outs and the bottom of the lineup coming up, it is like a free play to the quarterback for him to try stealing a base. Listen, it’s the playoffs. If you know baseball, you know Bradley might run. There are two outs. You have the opportunity to put a runner in scoring position. You take that chance, especially with a guy who can run in a non-steal situation. I don’t need Alex Cora’s entire at-bat taken up by McCarver trying to justify that Bradley will be running. Cora got a hit as Bradley was running, by the ay, which put Bradley at third and forced a strategy call by Cardinal’s manager Tony LaRussa, which ultimately worked out, but might have been disastrous if Lima Time was a hitter and not a pitcher.

Fox, seriously, the Sox beat the Angels, so go ahead andd call Psycho’s hotel room right now and get his ass on a plane to LA for tomorrow’s game. And as soon as that’s done, call McCarver and tell him that tomorrow’s game will be called from the top of the “B” in the “THINK BLUE” sign beyond the left field seats at the Ravine. I uarantee he’s dumb enough to show up.

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