A chat with the Cobb Gobbler

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday June 30, 2006.

If you’ve read this site the past week, you know I’ve been holding this that long. I really wanted to write something interesting about it, simply because it’s making news right now. But the more I thought about it, the more I was pointed back to the easy out. See, I’m not sure what to think about the Cobb Gobbler. So far, he’s set up a site using Mike Dillon’s name, Mike Dillon’s address, and Mike Dillon’s credit card. Had I known that when I was asking questions, I would have certainly been a little tougher in that respect. But I didn’t know it. In fact, I know almost nothing about this person, which is exactly how he wants it. So take all this with that in mind. This person is anonymous, and if you’re not aware, this is what I think of anonymous commenting types, at least a few months ago.

Ultimately, I can’t report all the facts here. I can report some and speculate on the rest. So here comes the speculation.

How on earth did this guy get Dillon’s credit card info? Who has the balls to use that info to pay for a website? And as you may have read before, or you’ll see from this transcript, the Cobbler is sure that Cobb’s people shut him down. If he was using Dillon’s stuff to pay for it, why even attempt to make Cobb look like the guy who shut it down when you know it was Dillon who did it?

As for the coverage that hasn’t originated here, it’s getting tiresome. Despite every single piece of evidence related to the Cobb Gobbler pointing to Dillon, we have an actual newspaper reporter giving him the benefit of the doubt every time she talks about it. And while I don’t profess to have any idea about the types of relationships there are personally between the involved parties, it’s becoming tougher to deny that Ms. Damon and Ms. McAndrew are most likely friends as well as co-workers, and Ms. Damon’s analysis amounts to, “I know Mike Dillon, and I don’t think he did it,” which, of course, wouldn’t pass as journalism. If that is the case, then there’s a clear conflict of interest. If that’s not the case, then why are there still so many questions? Like one commenter asked, is there a police report? This stuff all goes directly to the public’s right to know, especially since the public broke the damn story.

Thanks for reading all that. sorry it’s so long. But that’s it for now. Here is the transcript:

mrjerz: So I have to ask…why start the site?
cobbgobbler: Well, I will start by saying that everything on the site is factual and has been investigated as much as a private citizen can.
mrjerz: I believe it
cobbgobbler: I am tired of “anointed ones” in the Nevada GOP establishment waltzing into office with nothing but a wink and a nod.
mrjerz: Are you active politically yourself?
cobbgobbler: Not until recently.
mrjerz: So why pick Assembly 26 as your target, why not someone like Gibbons or Dean Heller?
cobbgobbler: Because I live in District 26 and I don’t like carpetbaggers.
mrjerz: Speaking of carpetbagging then, do you know where Cobb lived prior to his move to 26?
cobbgobbler: I think enough attention is given to the higher level candidates. The Assembly usually slips under the radar.
cobbgobbler: Cobb was in Washington D.C. working in the Department of Defense because of his daddy’s connections.
cobbgobbler: It is already public…on Nevada Newsmakers in as I recall Sept 05, Ty Cobb Jr. was on favoring Washington decisions to close local military bases. I have the video.
cobbgobbler: Cobb and Sam Shad got into it.
cobbgobbler: Sam was repeatedly asking how Cobb Jr. could be against the decisions of local Nevadans and for the decisions of Washington burocrats.
mrjerz: Couldn’t you classify keeping the bases open as a bit of a RINO stance, looking for pork?
cobbgobbler: Possibly, but I am extremely annoyed by Cobb’s arrogant tone and lack of connection with local Northern Nevada politics.
cobbgobbler: It was as if he did not know he was running a few months down the road.
cobbgobbler: Even though he claims on his website to have been approched to run in 2003.
mrjerz: Are there any other claims on the website that you think are inaccurate?
cobbgobbler: I think you already know about the quasi military photos that he removed shortly after being lampooned on www.cobbgobbler.com .
mrjerz: yes
cobbgobbler: He was trying to pass himself off as a marine or soldier when the most dangerous thing he has probably every done is cross a busy street.
cobbgobbler: He claims to be a Native Nevadan when most of his time has been spent out of Nevada.
mrjerz: How long have you been in Nevada?
cobbgobbler: Also what he says in the open is scary too. He and his staff were walking neighborhoods saying they represented the Republican Party.
cobbgobbler: I am a life long Nevadan.
cobbgobbler: That is another reason I am annoyed by Cobb.
mrjerz: Is it possible he was walking the neighborhoods with actual party representatives?
cobbgobbler: If he was, it would be an OUTRAGE that the Washoe Republican Party was backing Cobb in the primary.
cobbgobbler: I have heard that Sandy Steele the Washoe Repub Chair chastised Cobb for making false claims.
mrjerz: I hear your neighborhood is being inundated with mailers from Mike Dillon, what’s your impression of him?
mrjerz: wait
cobbgobbler: If it were somebody else the press probably would have picked it up.
mrjerz: If she did, is that on record at a meeting, or a side conversation thing?
cobbgobbler: Lesser of two evils.
cobbgobbler: I don’t have a record but have a dependable source who heard it.
mrjerz: We can get back to other candidates…if Steele is on record, that might be interesting
cobbgobbler: I have heard from many sources that Cobb was claiming Repub in the neighborhoods. I don’t have record of Steele’s comments.
cobbgobbler: I hope the local press at least investigates some of this stuff.
cobbgobbler: I doubt it though.
mrjerz: I think they will, but I think you’re at the top of their list
cobbgobbler: Hence the format of the interview.
mrjerz: So what are you afraid of?
mrjerz: Why the anonymity and using another candidate’s name?
cobbgobbler: The anonymity is obvious…history has shown the first reaction is to shoot the messenger and ignor the message.
cobbgobbler: The Cobb’s have powerful connections.
mrjerz: Does that mean you’re afraid for your safety?
cobbgobbler: I am not the best at the anonymous setup but at least there is plausable deniability.
cobbgobbler: Or reputation.
mrjerz: So you’re not just an average Joe?
cobbgobbler: It is a small community at the top, everyone knows everyone.
cobbgobbler: I am an average Nevadan.
cobbgobbler: I really want people to know what they are dealing with in Cobb.
mrjerz: You mentioned Dillon as the lesser of two evils…why use his name?
cobbgobbler: He is the only other viable candidate as I see it.
mrjerz: Can’t you say he is another anointed one?
cobbgobbler: No, not if you get to know him.
mrjerz: Explain what you mean?
cobbgobbler: Dillon is talking about conservative stances and he knows that if he doesn’t hold those he will be hammered. Cobb doesn’t take a stance on anything.
cobbgobbler: Except being against the major initiatives.
mrjerz: Do you know Dillon personally?
cobbgobbler: I would prefer not to answer that.
cobbgobbler: Let’s just say I know Cobb.
mrjerz: Why are other candidates not viable. Richard Disney seems to have pretty conservative bona fides and Mozen seems sincere when he explains his switch to the Republican party
cobbgobbler: Niether have any money as shown by their E and O reports.
cobbgobbler: Mozen was a Democrat last cycle and nobody ever heard of Disney…this one anyway.
mrjerz: If Cobb wins the primary, what then?
cobbgobbler: I think the only two candidates with a chance are Dillon and Cobb.
cobbgobbler: I will watch him like a hawk and report how he votes. Whoever wins the primary will win the general race.
mrjerz: What about your vote?
cobbgobbler: Le’s just say, I am not voting for Cobb.
mrjerz: Are you a real Republican?
cobbgobbler: That is how I am registered.
mrjerz: Are you as conservative as your site makes you seem?
cobbgobbler: That’s a loaded question. What the site reflects is the truth as related to Cobb. And I keep finding more.
cobbgobbler: Don’t you think the public should know this stuff before they make up their minds?
mrjerz: I have no problem with it at all.
mrjerz: But I also am very interested in everyone’s motives.
cobbgobbler: I understand that, but the truth is the truth no matter how or why it is exposed.
cobbgobbler: Unfortunately the press will use more energy discussing the mystery instead of verifying my findings.
cobbgobbler: I just hope along the way enough attention is garnered that people are not surprised when this stuff comes out about Cobb.
mrjerz: Let me ask this. You use several PDF files, and have now used a photo, which unfortunately is several months old. What verification is needed?
cobbgobbler: I try to document as well as possible.
cobbgobbler: I just mean that these documented facts would not have seen the light of day and may still not see the surface of a newspaper.
cobbgobbler: It is a small sleepy race.
mrjerz: Why attempt to land the big dog, the RGJ. Why not go to a smaller paper, like the Newes and Review?
cobbgobbler: As you said earlier, usually these district assembly races never really see the light of day.
cobbgobbler: Anyone who is interested can find the info now.
cobbgobbler: The target audience watches Anjeanette’s blog.
cobbgobbler: I don’t know of another venue like that for News and Review.
cobbgobbler: If you know one please spread the word.
mrjerz: Have you written a letter to the editor?
cobbgobbler: no, will they print an anonymous letter?
cobbgobbler: I don’t think they do.
mrjerz: Not the RGJ, but I know I’ve seen fake names in there before
cobbgobbler: That is a good idea. Like I said, I am not the best at this.
cobbgobbler: I am not a “know it all.”
mrjerz: I’m not advocating it. Have you received any contact from Cobb’s people?
cobbgobbler: None, but because of the speed that the militaryesque pictures were removed, I know they are watching.

You know, on a whim, as I lay sleepless tonight (yes, I’m consumed by this), I went to Siteground.com, the site that cobbgobbler.com now points to, and was presumably the host, and attempted to sign up for hosting. In order to sign up, you have to have the little security code on the back of the credit card. So, unless you have a copy of BOTH sides of the card, it’s not possible to make the transaction work. Or, as is the most likely scenario, you have to have the card in your hand. So I want to reiterate that someone in this debacle is getting a free pass, and it stinks.

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