A couple of Lomo shots

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday November 21, 2008.

I think Hoover Dam might be one of the most photographable places I’ve visited for work. Aside from the restrictions on where you can walk near the dam, and the inability to get below it without paying for a third-party tour, it’s pretty accessible. It’s also iconic, so that gives it plenty to shoot that people will recognize, and the size makes it very viewable from distances. There are also plenty of places built for taking pictures of it. Of course, that also means that everyone else has the same shot as you. So you have to do it better.

I really like the Lomo look. Somehow I became enamored with washed out, high contrast stuff, and have always thought of one or two shots from a big group that could easily be transformed. These two shots are probable my favorites from my trip to Hoover Dam. The first was taken with my 28mm f/1.8 and the second was taken at 10mm with the 10-22mm f/3.5. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Hoover Lomo

Hoover Lomo 2

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