A good day in sports

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday October 1, 2006.

Welcome everyone who’s heading over from the RGJ, and thanks to James Ball for noticing me. Anyone looking for some more “acerbic wit” can browse the archives. One note on this entry before you all get there, the Dodgers did run out the AA squad, they did win (completing the weekend sweep, naturally), but luckily for the Giants and their fans, the Padres took care of business and saved San Francisco from having to watch the Dodgers pile up on the infield again. To the playoffs!

Yes, it has been a fine day in sports for me. First, the Dodgers smacked the lethargic, defeated, and just plain bad Giants to clinch a spot in the playoffs. Greg Maddux is awesome. He went seven innings, threw somewhere in the neighborhood of only 12 pitches, got himself a hit, and stole a base while the pitcher stood in the stretch. How awesome is that? Oh, another fine moment in today’s game was Kenny Lofton tagging up and scoring on a popup to the second baseman! Yup, the Giants looked solid today.

Second on the agenda was the USC-Washington State game. USC will be tested tis year, and this was one of those tests. They escaped because they just kept converting on third down late in the game. Wazzu had a shot to put it in the end zone on the final play, but USC came up with an interception on the hail mary. Good job getting out of there, Trojans.

Next, and I’m not afraid to speak early here, the Pack is treating NSU like a cheap hooker in aNorth Las Vegas alley. It’s not pretty. Currently, it’s 24-0 in the third quarter and there are lots of boos on the radio. Plus, Rebel Saviorâ„¢ Rocky Hinds sounds about as good as, well, a UNLV quarterback. But for whatever reason, Dan Gustin and Billy Daniel, the Wolf Pack radio guys, can’t seem to stop talking about how good he is. As I write, he just got sacked again (isn’t he a really mobile QB?) to push the Rebels out of field goal range. Bottom line, NSU is a bad team. A really bad team.

FireballFinally, we get to the early game today. The Girl (Fireball) had a marquee day on the soccer field. What exactly constitutes a marquee day? How about SIX goals? Yes, six of them. She was awesome. They took her out after four and she sat for a good chunk of the game. Then they put her back in and she was unstoppable. Hell, she was uncontainable. The team won 9-2.

Overall, it’s been grand. See you Giants fans tomorrow as the Dodgers run their AA team onto the field with a chance to celebrate for the second day in a row on your mound. It’s going to be a long offseason.

Of course a fight breaks out on the field in Vegas. Just for the record, teams up 31-3 don’t generally start those. Nice going Rebels.

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