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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday August 28, 2007.

I was chatting with my neighbor yesterday and a discussion about our alley came up. Christy asked him if he knew why it had never been paved when other alleys in the neighborhood had been. That issue has caused problems in the past when big snowstorms dumped on us and the ic collected in some of the potholes in the alley. One year we were stuck four times. Anyway, he thought it might have something to do with the fact that a ditch runs under or really near the alley. He thought it was the Orr Ditch that ran under, but in doing a little research I’m pretty sure it can’t be the Orr Ditch.

I went to the nice new feature that Google offers, My Maps, and followed the ditch as well as I could based on where I see it running. It certainly runs further than I could follow, but development gets in the way on both ends.

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Now I’m curious. Does anyone have any idea what this ditch could be? In doing the research tonight, I found that it could possibly be the Cochran Ditch, but I think that one runs a bit west of my neighborhood and directly into Virginia Lake (see the PDF map here). Someone with a better idea of the history of this part of town might have a clue.

Update – February 7, 2008

I received an email today that said the following:

Ryan, I assure you your ditch is not the Orr Ditch — that runs north of 4th street and through UNR out to Spanish Springs. I doubt your ditch is the Cochran ditch. That runs from Island and Sierra to Virginia Lake and on to some pastures to the south. Your ditch is a very small one and can be seen at Forest and Martin. If you really want to know visit the Washoe County Water Conservation Agency.

That’s some great information.

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