A question in this Fox debate

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday March 9, 2007.

In a desperate attempt to try and get blogging back on track (OMG, I’m acting like the cops again), I feel like I have to ask a question. What, exactly, is news? A pretty basic definition is probably needed to jump any discussion that people might want to have, so here it is. That first sentence makes it sound pretty simple, right? If you are on the anti-Fox News crowd, give me an opportunity to understand exactly why you don’t think Fox qualifies as “news.” Be prepared to argue it, though, because political ideology isn’t a reason. If you take Fox as being a “news” source, then let me know what legitimizes them. Be prepared to argue as well, because comparison to other news organizations isn’t a reason. If you’re in the middle, what might sway you either way? Thanks.

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