Academy Award winners take time

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday December 9, 2007.

CarnageCarnage: A rider shows off his trophy from a wreck in the 2006 Tour de Cul de Sac finals.Yeah, I know. The race was sometime in September or something, but brilliance is something that you have to wait for. The 2007 Tour de Cul de Sac’s official video is now available for viewing. It’s official in the sense that it’s edited, has graphics, slow motion, a soundtrack, and all the jerky camera movement you’d expect from someone as skilled as me in shooting home movies.

The video features a test ride of the course, three wrecks, the Finals, some great camera work, shiny text graphics, the Pedalphile, the VIP Tent, some wine on a guy’s face, and one successful Firestorm jump.

Click on for the video.

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