All Good Things...

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday April 22, 2005.

Well, to be fair, I’m not only going to talk about good things, but I’m sorta down with cliches. Two things came to an end this week. The first, and more important of the two, was the Dodger 8-game winning streak. It was a wonderful thing while it lasted, and it got them off to a smoking start. In fact, there were about two or three times during the streak, when they won in the late innings, that I wished they would just lose. Mostly that was because I wanted everyone to talk about them. I don’t want my team to be the team everyone is looking out for. I want them to win, but I like quiet winners. Winning consistently in the late innings makes headlines, and I don’t want that. Plus, as far as talking smack at work goes, all they ever need to do is beat the Giants. I’m cool with that.

The other thing that came to an end was my consecutive streak of watching the first run of every single episode of Alias since the day it began. I had a tough call on Wednesday night. See, Christy had a scheduled surgery on Thursday and her mom was in town. In fact, she arrived just before 9:00, which is when Alias begins. I hadn’t gone on a run in a long time, so I had planned, but wanted to wait until she got in to go. I got all dressed up and waited. She got here, so I said I was on my way out. Christy was like, “Okay, but don’t you want to watch Alias?” Decision time.

I struggled for about three minutes. Should I wait and go at 10? No way. But I really needed to go, and I was already dressed. Besides, that show has sucked for a season and a half. Screw it, I’m outta here. Christy told me she’d catch me up when I got back. So I ran. I got home, and the TV was off. I asked her if she was watching. She told me no. Then, I got happy. I was free. I had broken myself loose from the evil clutches of shitty, trite, declining television shows.

Don’t get me wrong here. Alias was a really good show when it began. It kept up the pace for the second season, then all hell broke loose. There was some sort of gap in time, love stories blossomed. That’s just what every good spy show needs – some shitty love story so the characters are crisising every week. I guess it makes for a lower budget, seeing as you don’t have to do anything interesting or exciting to fill time. Instead, you go with the “I’m your wife but I know you love her, oh, and by the way, I’m sleeping with him.” That takes up a good twenty minutes of the show that used to be filled with plot and action.

This season they tried to return it to its spy roots, but they have fallen back into stupid stuff. Like how now Sidney’s sister is now a secret agent too. And they live together. And both of them have spy boyfriends. And both of their fathers are the top spy guys. And Sidney’s dad had their mother killed, and her sister’s dad had Sidney’s former fiancee killed. Every single spy drama needs that, right? Or, at least, more of that and less, you know, spying. I’m so damn sick of that show. In fact, since it’s been renewed for another year, I’ll make sure not to watch it for the rest of this year and on into next. Cold Turkey, baby. I hate Alias.

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