Am I local enough?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday May 16, 2006.

Another one has come and gone, and I have still never seen a Reno River Festival. And with as much as I like to claim I’m all into this local stuff and whatever, I honestly can say I’ve just never been compelled to get down there. This weekend was a bit different, I suppose. I was gone Friday evening and all of Saturday for the baseball game, and Sunday, with Christy out of town and the kids and I tired, we pretty much kept it indoors.

This brings me to my point. Should I be supporting something simply because it’s “good for Reno?” Or should I save my support for stuff that I actually want to be a part of? I am just not that into kayaking and watching kayaking and that stuff. I have other things I like a lot. And there are several things that are “good for Reno” that I can’t stand. For instance, I know I’ve written about Hot August Nights before, but my inability to find it in a search of the archives leads me to believe it was prior to my move to my latest system. But basically, despite being “good for Reno” I can’t bring myself to support an even that I find boring as hell and just a smidge racist. Yes, I said racist. But there’s no denying that Hot August Nights brings in boatloads of cash to this town and is great for local business.

Street Vibrations is another example. Sure, it’s “good for Reno” but I think it sucks. Granted, it’s a bit more interesting than Hot August Nights, simply for the freak factor, but it’s something I can’t get behind.

Don’t even ask me about rib cook-offs and farmers markets.

On the other hand, the Tour de nez is somethig I readily jump behind. I’m not all that into bike racing, but the event is pretty cool, the people around are great, and the kids race is awesome, even if your kid rides off the course and tells you that the guy with the megaphone was talking about her doing just that. While it’s something that is probably very comparable to the Reno River Festival, it has been here awhile, and I think it’s something I’d rather spend my time on. And it’s great for Reno.

So am I a “true community guy?” Do I really care about Reno if I can’t support certain events that don’t appeal to me? I want to say I do, but maybe I’m not qualified to be the judge of that.

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