An Apology

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday July 18, 2006.

To Ethan. Sorry for using words you do not like. And I appreciate that you think I’m gaining in importance around here. Apparently, you are not alone, though. Somebody is either horribly misinformed or is assigning more importance to me than even I do. ross miller's mugI don’t know who that person is, but whoever it is keeps searching my site for Ross Miller information (and now that I’ve said the name itself, you’ll get at least one result). I really don’t know anything about Ross Miller, other than he’s the son of a former governor. I also know he went to Carson High and played basketball. I can’t blame him on the Carson thing—his dad was governor after all, and they probably had to live there. I do, however, know several people that knew (or even know) Ross back in the day. So if there is someone out there who is looking for information, I’ll be happy to ask around and dig up some crazy Carson High stories.

As for the importance, well, thanks. While my instinct tells me you’re the misinformed of my two possibilities, I’ll certainly take that someone thinks I’m important. And thanks to Ethan for regulating me. I tend to go off at times. But I’m back in serious mode now.

Okay, here’s a little info for you. Nothing really meaty; a question, really. Why the hell does anyone care what I think of Ross Miller? Shouldn’t it tell you all you need to know that he has the endorsement of former Nevada Southern hoops star and NBA fifth rounder Flintie Ray Williams? It doesn’t? Okay, then would you vote for him if Gladys Knight endorsed him? Perfect. Is that what Gladys Knight does now? She endorses fools running for office? Nice career move.

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