An assessment of my worthiness

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday July 1, 2004.

Not to continue with all this whining, but in addidtion to the post yesterday about how I can’t remember crap that I want to post, I’m not even only responsible for myself this week. See, for some reason, Laura has pegged me as one of the guest posters over at her photolog, Long Story Short. While I appreciate that she likes my eye for photos, I don’t understand what the heck she was thinking when she pressed the “Send” button in her email program. Now I have to deliver. Tomorrow is my day for the post, and I’m honestly clueless as to what I should do here. I could post something that sort of defines Reno. Maybe she’s missing this place a bit and she chose me to give her an image that will remind her of home. Maybe she and her readers really, really want to see a picture of me doing something totally stupid but with a serious face. That would be funny. Or not. Maybe she somehow knows I’m a genius with Photoshop and she wants me to post a doctored photo that has one of her enemies with, like, a third eye or an arm growing out of their cheek or something. But I doubt that one.

I have been taking pictures like mad all week in the hope that one of them will be deemed worthy of a spot on her site, which you should really check out because the shots are rocking over there. So, while the rest of you sleep peacefully tonight, make sure you keep happy thoughts of me with you, because I’ll be waking up about every seven minutes in a cold sweat and screaming “I should have gone with the MACRO SHOT!” or “Why did I ever think a nude self-portrait was going to work?” Yeah, that’s right, I’m the guy who will be having a miserable night trying to live up to some non-existent expectations. Being an overthinker rules.

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