Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday January 12, 2006.

It’s difficult to tell when you really lose interest. At first it’s all about doing it as much as you can. Then it wanes a bit. But then it might pick up a bit because something interesting gets added to the mix. Then it falls off again. Then it dwindles to almost nothing.

That seems to have happened here. At first, man was I into it. But it got tougher to perform, you know? So there was less of it. But everry once in a while, it got to be really interesting again. But lately, it’s down to practically nothing. And hell, if you’re Ed, it actually is gone at this point.

In my case, it got replaced by a new obsession. I like to hear myself speak a lot more than I like to pound on a keyboard. Ergo, podcasting has replaced blogging in my life. I find it more interesting to do than writing. Plus, I can say so much more, convey tone, and fulfill a total vanity complex all in a short period of time. Writing has gotten painful for me. Plus, I never edit, so there are always misspellings and crap like that, which drive me crazy. But not crazy enugh to fix that stuff. That would require me to go back ad re-read everything. I don’t want to do that. I want immediacy. So I talk into a microphone, and add a few tunes, then pump it out to all of you.

Sure, I’ve edited, but only when it’s been something that really needs to be out of there. Like that one time I called Ethan a complete dickweed. I didn’t mean it, and it stuck via the “1”s and “0”s that were flying through the Firewireâ„¢ cable from my video camera to my hard drive via QuickTime Proâ„¢. So I got it out of there. And Ethan never knew. That would have changed our relationship a bit, I think.

As a result, I seem to have lost people who once came here frequently. They have gone because I don’t have much to read around here. Now you have to dedicate 15-20 minutes at a time to listen, so you need silence around you and you need to care what I’m talking about. And for a while nobody could have cared. It was all frustrations about baseball and bad owners. Now it’s a lot about basketball. And I guess I have to warn you. It’s about to become more about basketball, at least sometimes.

A certain alumni organization has retained my services as a photographer. They can’t pay me – in cash. But they can, as a result of the requirements of the gig, get me an all-access arena pass for the rest of the season. So I’ll be cruising around the floor, sitting underneath the baskets, snapping the hell out of the basketball team. I can’t wait for my first chance at this. It might also get me into postgame press conferences, I’m not sure. But I would like nothing more than to report for myself the things that go on with this team. So I might be doing that. And if I can do well, I might even try to get credentialed for all sports by the Athletic department. I just need to get myself established, and become an actual credentialed blogger for something other than political BS conventions. It could happen, right?

So, to the people who stick around and put up with me, I say thanks. And don’t forget to look for me on ESPN during Nevada’s Bracket Buster game on February 18th.

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