Back when I wasn't a photographer...

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday June 20, 2008.

Me and my Nevada LawyerNevada Lawyer: I’m on the right. My magazine is on the left. Photo by my tripod and camera timer.Several years ago, 2005 to be exact, I took a photo of the front of the Nevada Legislature. The photo was meant to feature the clock donated by the Rotary Club that year. For some reason, I was fascinated by the clock—mostly because I was working on the show Capitol Issues at the time and we ran a story about it and I thought the clock was cool.

Later that year, I happened by the legislature and shot the clock, complete with good color in the leaves and a great sky. For whatever reason, I never uploaded that shot to my Flickr account, but I did upload it to Around Carson. From there, someone put it on the Nevada page of Wikipedia, which is pretty cool.

A few weeks ago, I got an email asking if my photo could be used for the cover of Nevada Lawyer the “official magazine of the State Bar of Nevada.” I haggled for a few days, but we settled on the solid price of “photo credit” as my payment1. So, to all the lawyers and law office PR guys who read this site, you’re really missing out on some great photos if you don’t get the magazine that lists the “Bar Exam Pass List” or the awesome “Bar Counsel Report,” which talks about the lawyers who have recently been disbarred. That’s like People for lawyers. Sweet. Get it.

1 I didn’t really haggle. I’m totally game for allowing my existing stuff to be used for just about anything, as long as I’m properly credited.

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