I Jumped on the Bandwagon

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday February 22, 2005.

Call me a dumbshit. I drank the Kool-Aid (OH YEEEAH!). I dove my sorry ass into something that I might just have to commit to. Sumbitch, I made you, my loyal fans, a gift. “What might that gift be?” you ask. A Podcast. I have the tools, I have the desire. I just needed to have the will. Well, I got that and I made the world a copy of my voice so you can all download and share the shit out of me. And by looking at my Google PageRank, I’m guessing that about two people will even bother, but they’ll be the most entertained two people walking around on this planet.

A brief once-over now for all of you who might bae a little new to this thing. What is a Podcast? Read this. Do I have to have an iPod to listen? Hell no. All you need is something in your hand or an application on your computer that plays mp3 files. Even Windows lamers can listen, unless Bill Gates has succeeded in eradicating every format but .wma or whatever loser thing they’re peddling over there thse days. Am I going to like your Podcast, mrjerz? Probably not. Move along. Why should I listen? Because I’m funny, interesting, smart, witty, and if you don’t, people will know you’re not that smart. They’ll be talking about me like they all talked about last night’s Seinfeld on Friday mornings. You didn’t get it then, so try to keep up tis time, okay? I’m giving you warning. How often will you make a new one? I don’t know. But if I like it, get feedback, and can keep it interesting, I’ll do it every damn day. Hell, pay me and I’ll do it every hour. Is there anything you need to help you succeed? Relevance. If there’s one thing I understand, it’s that I am insignificant in the world of the internets. So if you like this, pass it on. eventually, if it works out, I’ll become large. Actually, I’m bigger than I want to be now, but I mean in terms of the internets.

What you’ll hear: What I want to pass along. It might be mundane stuff about my life simply there to fill time. It might be hugely significant stuff pertaining to me that I know the world deserves to hear. Most likely it’ll be somewhere in the middle. Actually, I have some ideas to do some interviews, but not in the style of journalism as we know it. Thee are some pretty coll people that I’m around and I want to be the one who gets to them first, to be honest. So I’ll interview them, and then they’ll become famous, and I’ll grab onto their coattails and get famous too. Actually, famous isn’t as important as rich. Send me money, btw. Also, as I talk about in the Podcast itself, I’ll hit on Nevada politics. I have a unique view of it as the editor of a weekly news recap. I see a lot more of what happens here than just about anybody save legislators and lobbyists. My background in Political Science helps me understand it a bit. If you’re local, you’ll want my takes.

What you won’t hear: Overly produced and edited stuff. I’m not here to make it perfect. Just like this site, I’ll hit on something, then move on. My mind races, and it’s tough to get me to stick on a point for too long. I wander. You also won’t hear me be too nice to people. Why not? because that’s how I am. I am not here to make friends, I’m here to make things more interesting. I’m not out to get anybody, but I certainly won’t go out of my way to apologize, either.

Enjoy the show. Send feedback (both of you). Oh yeah, the feed is here for all of you who know how to grab those. Otherwise, get the mp3 file from here.

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