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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday March 10, 2006.

I guess I left the Barry post a little lacking in explanation. I mean to impart what I want to happen out of this whole ordeal.

First, I want the apologists to admit he is a cheater. Generally speaking, Giants fans don’t care. A lot of baseball fans don’t care. Then there is the relativism arguments, like “steroids = caffiene” and “steroids = LASIK.” Hogwash. Baseball never banned steroids, admittedly, because they were making money hand over fist looking the other way. That, and there should have been no need to ban something that was already illegal. I heard the argument the other day that I agree with completely: If Barry had been threatening the families of pitchers so he could get easier pitches to hit, we’d all be screaming. Everyone. Yet, that is not expressly forbidden by the rules of baseball. Yet it is cheating and against the law. Thanks.

Second, and my favorite part, happens when everyone does agree that he cheated. Section A of part two is that his record are removed. I really don’t care if this actually does happen, because once it’s agreed upon that he cheated, everyone will know. But Section A enables Section B to happen in a spectacular fashion. Section B is that Barry completely implodes and self-destructs beyond all recognition he has garnered through superstardom.

He needs to become an addict of some sort, get arrested, serve time (like for tax evasion, maybe) and wind up a bitter, destroyed man. Think Ken Caminiti, except this would be a bit different. Ken Caminiti got mixed up with the wrong crowd and never overcame his addiction. Certainly he was at fault, but his problems were due to a mistake. Barry is fueled by racism. He can’t handle the fact that others before him were given a pass because of race. For that he is unapologetic. I happen to believe that others were given a pass because they weren’t complete assholes to the people charged with covering them. Barry was. He earned the coverage he has received. Oh, and he skated completely unquestioned for five years on the roids issue. So it couldn’t have been all bad.

None of this, mind you, has to do with the fact that I think all of baseball’s record holders were pure, angelic people. I know they were dicks, and I know they were womanizers, and I know they were alcoholics. I really just like to see stars fall from grace as hard as is possible. Come on, we all love watching Brittany Spears turn into a fat, moronic, trailer-park whore. This is just the same. Someone made money and got famous as a complete fraud. So let’s get on with the show, shall we?

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