Because I'm all Moneyball

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday December 6, 2006.

I have two items to pass along. Both are of major importance to world events and peace in the Middle East and all that. Please read carefully, comment, and change your life.

First, there are rumors that Mike Leach, the head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders football team might be headed to coach the Hurrigangstas. Leach was the subject of a fine article by the Great Michael Lewis. Lewis is, of course, famous (unless you still think Billy Beane wrote it) for writing Moneyball. It’s the definitive book on use of statistical analysis in baseball to maximize efficiency in winning games. I like that. Leach attempts to do the same things as a football coach, and it’s interesting to me that he is a candidate for a higher level job than where he is now. I hope he gets it, simply because I’d love to see a guy doing what he’s doing at the highest level of college football.

Second, there is a rumor that certain people have developed a mathematical equation that rates basketball players. Wait. The news isn’t that the equation was developed, but that the same equation has been applied to your University of Nevada Wolf Pack. I plan on keeping the sheet updated throughout the season, but it’s unlikely to show a player different top from who is listed now. Nick Fazekas is dominant. The real insight with those numbers is that JaVale McGee is the second best player on the team. He needs to be starting and getting quality minutes, so I’ll make sure to pass that along to Coach Fox next time I see him.

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