Because I've Been Told I have To

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday April 28, 2006.

So here’s another funny story. Yesterday, Christy and The Girl were driving to kindergarten. A car pulled out from a gas station in front of them. Funny stuff, right? Well, this car had the gas hose still stuck in its gas tank. It was all flopping around and stuff. Christy called the gas station and they said it happened all the time. Awesome. Then, at lunchtime, Christy went to the gas station and they had the hose fixed. I guess it really does happen all the time.

Then, that same day, I was on the shuttle at the university. The driver says to the whole lot of us, “Hey, guess what I saw today. I saw a car driving up Virginia Street with the gas hose still attached to it.” I was all, “OMG, my wife saw that, too.” So the lady told me the driver, a woman (as if I had to tell you that), got out of the car and put it in the back. Sweet.

I guess this is why I have a website. So I can pass along crap like this.

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