Being a nerd is time consuming

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday July 23, 2007.

Originally posted on my personal site (ask me the difference) but eventually deemed to belong here, since it’s not like I’m doing anything else of late.

The setting(s)

The difficulty

It takes so much damn time to follow this stuff and to figure out how to make it all work together and improve your life’s efficiency. If that’s even what it’s about. I love the idea of all of the sites. But the application of those ideas is tough to handle. I want to post smallish, simple updates all over the place, so Twitter is cool. Pownce adds a bit of functionality, and Tumblr lets you add more than just text, so all of them have good value to me. Facebook is a bit different and may not belong with the others. It’s got some cool features and can incorporate the others but by doing that we’re getting into serious MySpace ugliness territory, which is one of the main reasons I’ve always avoided it.

So the question now becomes, how does one manage all these things and accomplish what they want to accomplish (in my case, short updates that have the freedom to be whatever I want them to be) and reach the people they want to reach (in my case, all of the internets)? An easy answer is that only one or two is used and the rest ignored. I don’t think I can do that. That’s kind of the point of being a nerd. I want to try it al out and figure out what works best.

The hope

So here’s what I need. I need something that everyone is using, that I like better than Facebook, and that offers the functionality of all the cool new apps that have emerged. It also needs to make me write on the blog more, too. That’s not impossible, is it?

P.S. Surely don’t go another day without looking at Reno Wire. Jim is going to run this place soon enough. He’s smart, funny, and notices cool shirts.

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