Bloggers should work in groups

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday March 24, 2008.

I have been utterly consumed by one single issue on this site for the past three weeks. Granted, it’s a very interesting and important issue that will likely have different, more boring results than I originally thought, but it’s starting to affect what I think the future of this site will be.

For instance, the Reactionary Hurl seems so passé now. It was easy, fun, and actually covered a lot of topics I enjoyed. But the thrill of actually researching a topic and using primary sources is so much better than anything The Hurl brought to the table. I just have to find the right time to reveal what has been a major story in my life (and anyone who will listen to me about it) for awhile.

It also brings up a topic that I’ve been exploring when I can—team blogging. I don’t mean a group of people that each post a few things a day to cover every niche that their blog wants to cover. I mean a couple of people who work together to bring stories to a community in a way that hasn’t been done before. It would enable one member of the team to break away for a long-term project, like I’m involved in now, while the rest of the team continues to produce interesting stuff like a researched post with original sourcing or a video—all of which will lead to an actual discussion.

In order to do it, the topics have to matter. Therefore, the team must (at least in my world) be local. They should focus on local issues and live in close enough proximity that they can actually meet to either hit the street together or just have a beer. And introduce themselves in the community.

It won’t ever happen right here because this site is about me. It’s my name in the address bar, and I wouldn’t ever want someone else to do work that I took (intended or not) credit for. The place for it to happen is Reno Baby! It is the platform for a local message to reach an engaged audience and spur a discussion with people who actually have a little pull in government and business. I recently started discussions on the two petitions that are circulating in Washoe County (annexation, land use), complete with copies of the petitions themselves. These discussions were based on one member asking about the petitions and others expressing that they hadn’t seen the language yet. You can’t beat the original documents for that.

We’ve got the platform, now let’s do this.

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