Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday April 13, 2006.

ScrapIt seems like I talk about inspiration too much here. But really, what is this site? It’s my place where I can be all artistic whith words and stuff, you know. So today I might have overcome a major stumbling block. I’ve been really lame when it came to my camera. See, I carry my camera with me all the time. All the time. I have this backpack that’s filled with camera gear. And at a moment’s notice I can become the on-scene reporter guy. Except I never do that. Ever. In fact, I often drive by shit that would make a perfect photo – like the group of street punks all tatted up and strung out talking to the Mormon missionaries at the train trench on Ralston the other day. How freaking perfect would that have been? But I drove by because I had to hurry and get a kid to baseball practice.

9211Which brings me back to today. I was at said baseball practice, which was right next to this VFW hall and a dirt lot. The VFW hall is sweet. It’s half underground, no doubt to act as a fallout shelter, and they tow your ass for parking there. They have a semi trailer that’s all beat up and missing tires. I saw a bag of clothes under the trailer and can only guess someone lives there. I walked around the hall taking pictures with/of The Girl while The Boy practiced. It was great. She posed, I shot the heck out of junk in the lot, we played on rocks.

DragonI haven’t been this into taking photos in a long time. I almost blew out my card, which holds about 70 images. As is always the case, most of what I shot is utter crap, but there were a few that I appreciated and wanted to save. To be sure, I’m not looking for anything from readers. I don’t care much whether anyone likes the look or not. I have a tendency to take even the most basic image and try to make it look cooler to me. It’s a compulsion. I can’t not do it. I really just want to get these out of my computer and onto another so I can move on and possibly continue doing more of the same.

Childhood ReflectionThe thing that I can’t stop thinking when I consider the possibility that I’ve broken through is that I should find out this week if I am accepted to the graduate program. The program is in journalism, and one of the things I held up as a credential is this site and my use of a camera to document. Anyone who has looked at my pictures knows I love shooting sports, but during the best of times this past basketball season I didn’t ever put up some of my better action shots on this site. I stuck with closer, more personal stuff. I was afraid to really let it all hang to people who were not hard core sports fans, and fans of the players I was shooting, especially. Again, I think I can move beyond that and begin really taking the time to post pictures whenever I want.

Was this weird enough?

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