Bryan Samudio to go live for the 100th straight night tonight

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday March 5, 2008.

Bryan Samudio, KRNV Sports DirectorBryan Samudio: Reinventing “I need a little time off.”We all complain about how we need more time off or we’re tired and could use a break from work. Before you start thinking you’re overworked again, though, consider KRNV’s Bryan Samudio. Bryan is the sports director for the Reno station and a graduate of our very own University of Nevada. And if you watch Channel 4, you might be very familiar with his face. Very familiar.

Because tonight he’ll go live for the 100th straight night.

That’s 100 days straight without a day off. Sorry, but any story I have is completely trumped by that one. I got a chance to catch up a little with Brian today and ask him a few questions.

Me: How have you even kept track of how many days? Don’t they just start to run together?

Bryan: You’re absolutely right, the days just kind of blend together. It was tough for the first few weeks, but actually, you kind of get used to getting up and going to work every day. I think a lot of it is that I am trying to get as much sleep as I can and keep a positive outlook on it. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to be able to take a breather, but I love my job and the people and management here at KRNV have been great in helping me get through this.

Me: How close are you to finding a new guy?

Bryan: We’re diligently searching for a weekend sports anchor, and hopefully the search will be over soon.

Me: Any idea what the record is among your colleagues? Have any of them talked to you about your run?

Bryan: I have talked with a lot of sports guys about it, and my previous long was 67 days in a row in Las Vegas when I was Sports Director at KTNV. Jon Killoran (former KRNV Sports Director) told me that he did 80-something with one day off mixed in, but he thinks that I’ve got the record. I know in my near-15 years of broadcasting in Northern Nevada no one has come close to this type of marathon. Most of my colleagues think I’m nuts.

Good luck, Bryan, and have mercy on the new guy—when you find him.

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