But I hate their commercials

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday June 18, 2006.

As healthy as I’ve tried to be the past few years, there are some things I can’t help. Namely, Carl’s Jr. hamburgers. I love them. In fact, I’ve even tried to find better stuff from non-fast food entities, and I can’t. Carl’s Jr. dominates.

the jalapeño burgerTheir latest masterpiece: The Jalapeño Burger. I had one the other day, and wasn’t too sure how it would be. I’m normally kind of afraid of really hot stuff, and their commercial made it look like it was pretty hot. Now, that’s always funny because when fast food places want you to think something’s hot, it usually isn’t anything close to hot. But if someone was going to drop the hotness hammer, it would be Carl’s Jr. Well, it was decently hot, but not too much to turn me off of it. Ultimately, it wound up reminding me a lot of jalapeño poppers with the spicy sauce they put in the middle of them. The burger was magnificent. And now I’ve made several of my readers totally sick, which is awesome.

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