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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday September 30, 2005.

So, it’s been a few weeks but I find it time to report on this matter. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Cannon is home. What the hell are you talking about, Jerz? I’m talking about THE CANNON! It’s back! In Reno! We got it back!

You know, this is when one starts to feel their age. When I was a kid (read: in college), The Cannon was such a fixture here in Reno nobody gave a shit about it. Then, the year 2000 (in the year 2-thousaaaaaaaaaaand) happened, and everybody gave a shit. Those dumbasses in Vegas dropped the thing and broke a wheel off after they won it for the first time, like, ever.

Screw Vegas. People from there are lame. Well, most people from there. Some are cool. Okay, one is cool. But I’m paid to say she’s cool. All that’s beside the point. Today, I was commisioned. I, as a photographer, was asked to shoot The Cannon from the perspective of an alumnus, friend of the University, and all around solid dude. I did. I shot the shit out of it. And I did it for free, ladies. Why? Because I love The Cannon. And anytime it can be immortalized in the fine city of Reno, I shall play a role in that immortalization. Screw Vegas.

The shoot went well. All it cost us was a $15 ticket for letting the meter run out. And I kept looking out the window for the ticket guy, but I never saw him. That brings up another issue. Why is it that when one is feeding a meter, and they have two dimes and a quarter, they feed the two dimes, then decide that’s plenty and leave the quarter in their pocket, only to receive a $15 ticket for their decision? I can bet more than one of you has done that.

The Cannon is shot. You can see the three best shots by starting at this location. Enjoy, and keep cheering that Wolf Pack on!

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