Caucus Saturday: ready those cameras

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday January 16, 2008.

With all of the opportunities that will come out of this weekend’s caucus action, I’ve gone and done a potentially star-killing thing. I went and scheduled myself to be on the road all day Saturday. I’ll be driving across the state to Ely and Cave Lake State Park so I can take in the annual Fire and Ice Show. Along the way I’ll be stopping in Austin and Eureka, but I’ll be working on specific tasks in each town and not able to break away to see what they’re up to.

I’m lamenting this now because I just got an email forwarded from Myrna the Minx from Noah at looking for video from anyone covering the caucuses outside of Vegas. How cool would it be to have the caucus from Austin or Eureka. I’ll even be at the Eureka Opera House, where they’re holding the Democratic Caucus. Here is the text from The UpTake’s ad:

Refugees from the main stream media – cutting-edge video journalists:

We Want You Right Now!

We are The UpTake (, an emerging citizen-fueled news gathering organization focusing on providing alternative coverage of the 2008 political circus. We developed live coverage of Iowa and New Hampshire using the Internet as our broadcast medium. We are looking for the right folks to build our “on-location” teams to carry our momentum to the next level.

We are particularly interested in stories that are falling off the radar of the big media – compelling local stories, interesting viewpoints, strong personalities.

If you are a talented, entrepreneurial, independent, critically thinking videographer or journalist who can work with a team of producers and editors to help re-invent American media — please drop us a line with a pointer to your reel, your video blog, your best YouTube/ clips, or any other reason why you think we should tie our star to yours.

The UpTake is volunteer run though many of our journalists are paid once distribution is achieved with one of our partners. We are passionate about journalism, humor, truth, politics and getting the perfect shot.

The UpTake will be shooting stories and webcasting live in as many primary states as we can – our content is also distributed by the Veracifier network – nationally known for Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo TV.

We need intrepid citizen-journalists to cover the Nevada Caucus. You bring the talent, we’ll bring the traffic and PR.

Please contact Noah Kunin at or at 612.910.0805.

I’d actually really like to just see the caucus . It sounds like a gigantic cluster but probably well worth seeing the strong-arming that apparently can go on.

That leads me to another point. I think the average person might have a hard time caucusing. I say this because I just visited the Washoe County Democrats site to look up when the caucus happens. It took a while to find it. And it’s not clear that the caucus requires you be there by a certain time to participate. Even the phone calls don’t explicitly say this. They ask if you’re going, and I’m thinking they assume you know the rules if you say yes, because they don’t ever say explicitly that you have to be there by 11:30 (or noon, whichever is the deadline time to arrive).

I just hope there are no problems because of this. Being a state that normally has a primary, we might be a little slow in getting the message completely.

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