The Championship Game

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday June 13, 2004.

The Championship Game was today for the Farm Cubs. They played the team with the best regular season record, but it was also a team that hadn’t beaten the Cubs yet this year. Didn’t matter. Just like the Cubs on Thursday, the Yankees came to play, and laid a pretty good beating on the Cubs, finishing them off by a score of 17-3. It was close early, with the Cubs leading 3-2 after two innings, but as soon as the Yankees started to hit the ball, the Cubs lost confidence ansd fell apart. It also didn’t help that the Yankees hit the ball as hard as I’ve ever seen an entire team in this league hit the ball. They were roping it, and the Cubs just couldn’t move quickly enough to catch up to it.

We’ll be heading back in an hour or so to pick up the trophies for second place, and we had a picnic with the Yankees immediately after the game. If there was one team in that league that it was okay to lose to, these guys were it. Their coaches were classy, their kids were good players, and you could easily see that they had learned a lot during the course of the year. Congrats to the Yankees, and congrats to the Cubs, who went from a 1-15 team to second place.

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