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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday October 3, 2004.

Saturday marked a big day in our lives. The Girl was the flower girl for a wedding. It was her first time as such, and with her affinity for all things beautiful and girly, she was right at home. The preparations were all grand, and we spent the morning getting the kids’ hair cut and prettyfied. As the boy and I returned home, the ladies went out to do the hair thing, and at 1:00 local time, it started.

I knew we’d have to leave at about 4:00, so that would make it a very tight timeframe. I told Christy that I would be driving out seperately if the Dodgers were leading, because I would not be misssing the celebration. Unfortunately, that was not the case. They were down 3-0 after eight innings, and not looking at all like they were even breathing, much less willing to stage some sort of a comeback. So we quickly got everyone into the car and rolled out. Luckily, the game was on the radio with the Giants’ broadcast. I tuned in.

The Dodgers had gone right through the top of the ninth, so they were coming to bat as I tuned in. The ride to the wedding would take close to a half hour, as it was on the other side of town, and then further. So my thoughts were as such: would I be drinking in sadness (very likely) or would I be all celebratory and crap? As the Dodgers got two on base with no one out, I started to get angry. This would mark the second inning in a row that they were flirting with making a move. But when the bases loaded and a run walked home with one out, I was excited. The Giants were about to implode. Then their shortstop, in the game for “defensive purposes,” booted a ground ball allowing the second run to score. With one out, all they needed was a fly ball to tie the game.

But Jayson Werth was looking to win it. At this point, we had arrived at the wedding, and the Girl needed to go get pictures taken. The Boy and I stayed in the car to hear the rest of the game. Werth battled and finally hit the eighth pitch to him into right field for a hit. Unfortunately, the ball was looped softly and did not all ow the runner to score from second for the win.

But then the situation was only improved. A fly ball would not win it. Steve Finley took a strike, and on the second pitch, he hit a high fly ball to right. I got to hear the Giants broadcasters call it, so I missed Vin Scully’s “The Dodgers will win, wherever it lands. IT’S A GRAND SLAM HOME RUN!!!” I also missed the television images of the team emptying the dugout to mob Finley at home plate and dance and jump and scream. I missed the bullpen players sprinting in from left field as Finley rounded second to get into the mob. The images that I finally was able to see this morning brought tears to my eyes. It was not just a team clinching their division title, it was a team that so many have been wquestioning lately clinching their title in the most dramatic fashion I have eve seen. I was amazed.

As soon as I heard the call for the grand slam, I shut the radio off, and almost ran to where they were taking pictures. I was so happy I can’t even describe it. As I approached the club house of the golf course hosting the wedding, a group of about ten guy came out. They had just finished playing and were on their way home. Trailing was one guy who was screaming at teh rest, “WOOOOOO!! SEVEN RUN NINTH INNING, YOU GUYS CHOKED!!!!!” I shook his hand. He was cool.

Then Christy found me. She had heard already what happened. She told me one of the hospitality guys had told her that he was really conflicted. He wanted to be nice to me, because I was a guest there, but he was a little bit peeved that the Giants lost. Wah.

This team may fail in grand fashion over the next week as they play the Cardinals in the Divisional Series, but they won their division in the best way possible this year. It has been an incredible ride thus far. If it continues on into the later rounds of the playoffs, we’re all just going to sit back and enjoy the damn ride. VIVA LOS DODGERS!

In case any of you wonder about the site name being “mrjerz: beelieve it” here is the story. My man Jim Rome uses that phrase whenever he talks about Dodger pitcher Jose Lima, or Lima Time. Apparently, Lima said that to Rome at some point a few years back. I love the way he says it, and I can hear Lima in my head everytime I see the site. It’s beautiful. Plus, when “Jinxed” in our house now, instead of saying the full name of the jinxed person to allow them to speak again, we say “Beelieve it!” Great stuff, eh?

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