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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday February 24, 2006.

banner with an x over itI have a problem with “blogging groups.” Not groups like this (which might just work and have some redeeming value), more like groups like this (which is a front for political hacks).

Since I started this new trend around here of making things I write about more relevant to the world I live in, specifically local things, I made a conscious effort to be a nicer guy. There is no real turning point, but I just decided that I would make less fun of stuff, and focus on more facts. But I can only take so much.

There has been a renaissance in this town of late. Local people are popping (I know it’s been there, but it’s recently become far more active) up all over the web scene (and that doesn’t include Laura – I won’t hold the Sparks thing against you, Laura – or Ed – seriously, Ed, if you don’t do something, your domain will expire), and I like it. And now that we appear to be a bit more represented locally, with people who actually care about Reno itself, I feel like this city has made it to the point we should have been a while ago. And with the newer people, the consciousness is raised. They spend time propping other locals (read the comment, it rules). I’m down. What’s missing from both Myrna’s place and Sully’s is that they feel no need to manufacture community. They are building it, slowly, but strongly. I think if those guys stick with this, which is often an issue, we’ll have a kick-ass local club that doesn’t make me put a banner on my site.

Maybe it’s bitterness. Maybe I just think it’s dorky. Either way, I might want to consider changing my position on it. After all, I have done this blogging stuff for a long time, it seems, and I’m still not famous. In fact, one local is catching me, and she just started.

Something that might really be eating at me about it is that I’m a pretty “Nevada” guy. I was not born here, but that’s not my fault. I grew up in a very Nevada town, went to a Nevada university, was a member of a fraternity in college that has the most Nevada tradition of any at the school, and continue to support Nevada stuff. In fact, after a few years of trying to find where we’d be happiest, Christy and I decided it was right here. we like it here. And what’s my problem? These dudes are hijacking my state’s motto and flag for their political blogger club. I dislike that. They probably have no idea what that flag symbolizes; its history and tradition. Hell, most of them are probably Vegas people.

Now I realize I’ve gone plenty far from my original intent, which is to say that blogging clubs are dorky, especially when it’s about what you believe. Why can’t we just hear what’s happening, give a quick take on everyday life, not relatively meaningless political bullshit that serves to get someone elected or not? We can, but you may have to look for it. You won’t find any clever banners telling you what to listen to.

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