Cobb Gobbler Lives!

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday June 28, 2006.

The Cobb Gobbler is back. And I got a mention on the blogroll. What’s even better is that the roll reads like the Silver State Alliance, then me. I’m pretty sure I don’t fit in there for some reason. I mean, I wear a Dina Titus wig, for the love of God. The Cobbler does a fine job of updating everyone on what’s happening. Most of what he wrote there is similar to the emails I’ve received over the past few days.

The funny thing about this entire ordeal is how much life it still has. He was supposedly shut down (and it’s entirely possible that was a ploy) by “law enforcement,” is now back, is claiming that the Cobb family had something to do with it, has been communicating with me and others regarding the situation, is somewhat embracing people (like me) who have been less than friendly, and vows to push on. All of this is surrounding a primary race in an assembly district that encompasses about one-fourth of Reno. There are about 35,000 registered voters in the district, according to this, which means the population is probably around 60,000. All that fuss over a seat for that seat? There are only two explanations for this. Either it is a site being run by another candidate, and he was caught, or has disappeared (explains the spelling problems and makes carpetbagging claims laughable, considering all those clowns are not from Nevada), or it’s a dude with more time than I have (despite my efforts on this) and a desire to be cast before the public to revel in his brilliance. An attention whore. If that’s the case, he’s the perfect blogger. Welcome.

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