Cobb Gobbler part XLVIII, or close to it

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday June 30, 2006.

I spoke with Mike Dillon about an hour ago. He explained to me, in detail, about the credit card transaction and other things from his perspective regarding the Cobb Gobbler. Most importantly, the credit card, according to him, was a debit gift card thing that can be purchased anonymously. He originally was given a few digits from the card and his name as what was used to pay for the site. After doing his own research, he got the entire card number and was informed by Visa that it was a gift card. In that case, identity theft should be ruled out. I should note that when I read that the credit card information belonged to Dillon, I immediately felt like it confirmed him as the Cobb Gobbler.

But I formed an opinion. I’m pretty sure, if my gut means anything, that Dillon is not the Cobb Gobbler. He seemed genuine and sincere, and seemed like he was pretty annoyed with the whole thing. And if I was in his position, I’d probably feel that way, too. Finally, if I’m right on this, you can go ahead and assume the Cobb Gobbler is not the novice he claims to be. He knew exactly what he was doing by making the entire thing anonymous, and despite the amateur web setups, he’s a pro. Why? Who knows.

Now, in an effort at fulll disclosure, I have to say I have several mutual friends with Mike Dillon. I have also met him a few times several years ago. While a couple of those friends have spoken to me about the Cobb Gobbler affair, they have had no effect on my feeling to this point. I think being completely truthful is important to someone wh is just a blogger like me. I would hate to get caught in a lie when all I’m trying to do is pass along information I find interesting.

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