Cobb Gobbler Strikes?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday July 7, 2006.

Sign MediumIt appears that someone decided to play a little prank on Ty Cobb. This sign, which can be seen driving north on U.S. 395 (it is NOT an interstate, so do NOT call it that around me) between the South Virginia St. and Del Monte/Neil Road exits, has been tampered with. When it was pointed out to me, someone said, “Somebody changed a Ty Cobb sign to say Gobbler, or something like that.” I thought, “Woah, now that’s taking it pretty far.” Not that I think it’s a horrible thing for me. I mean, I did happen to meet someone a week ago who had heard of me through this Cobb Gobbler thing, which I found entertaining. I proceeded to bore the living piss out of her and the rest of our table as I explained everything I know about it. It is, however, a pretty petty and stupid thing for a person to do.

So I took a drive out there today to see it. I took the picture above, then moved a bit closer. From that look, it’s not as it originally appeared. While the “C” in “Cobb” definitely looks like it was changed to a “G” it is only a coincidence. The entire last name was not altered on purpose, it appears. It was tough to read exactly what it said, so I moved closer still. It seems some clown calling himself “Toon,” as in “cartoon” is tagging things. And he ruined a nice lunch hour for me too, jerk. It’s not like I’m close to that part of town. I wonder when it happened, though. There were several more signs with tagging. Do any of these candidates replace these things? I’m guessing that since there are so many in that area it’s pretty high profile. Is it worth it to get new banners to place over the top of old ones?

The biggest question of all, though, is about the people using the term “RINO.” With Dawn Gibbons, Heidi Gansert, and Ty Cobb all having been called RINOs in the past by a certain class of lower IQ’d citizens, will those citizens admit that they are on the team of taggers? Are they aligning themselves with overt scofflaws, and how does that fit in with the Republican ideals?

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