Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday February 25, 2006.

Tonight is a big night in WAC basketball. Nevada – Utah State. Smack is flying. I have no doubts who I will be rooting for, but I have a history. Let me explain.

My family doesn’t have a ton of college tradition. I think an uncle or two went to college, but neither of my parents did. I had this cousin, though, who could bring it in football. He was a 4.4 40 guy, played wide receiver at a JC in the Los Angeles area, and got a scholarship to play D-1 football. The school – Utah State. He started there my junior year of high school. He made the trip from Logan to Elko once or twice and would hang out. Maybe it was when he was heading back to L.A. for winter break or something. And from Elko, you got only Salt Lake City news on television. Granted, Utah State was the bastard child of Utah athletics, but Cotie got some coverage. Because he was good.

When I finally got to college, at Nevada, Cotie was in his senior season. I never got the chance to see him play against the Pack, except on TV. In that game, Nevada battled Utah State in a great game, and one with implications for the Big West title. Cotie caught a pass with an amazing over the shoulder, diving catch for about 45-50 yards. But the game was owned by Chris Vargas and Bryan Reeves (who caught a touchdown pass and handed the ball to the corner who covered him – awesome). Nevada won 48-44 in a wild one, but Utah State got the last laugh. That was their only conference loss, and they won the Big West and represented the conference in the Las Vegas Bowl. I was there, in Utah State gear.

The game was cool. Cotie caught the first touchdown of the game, and did one of the best endzone dances in the history of sport – the butt scoot. Picture a dog wiping its ass on the grass. That’s what Cotie did. Here, check these: 1, 2, 3, 4.

So there you have it. I rooted for Utah State in a collegiate game, after attending Nevada for a semester. I wanted to give you all full disclosure before tonight’s game in Logan, where the Pack expects to roll in and shut the raucous crowds up and win the WAC Title. And believe me when I tell you they couldn’t do it to a better group. When I sat on the floor for my first time this season, I got to hating their best guy, Nate Harris. He acted like a punk. Albeit, he played well, and they beat Nevada, but he was a punk. I want somebody to shut him down and make him look bad more than anything else, save a win, tonight.

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