Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday April 10, 2005.

What a long trip that was. I just spent the past few weeks working on migrating sites to a new host, Textdrive and it wasn’t something I would ever suggest you attempt. Not that the people at Textdrive aren’t great, but man is it a pain. I am sort of this web/internets guru to some of my friends. And that can give you a pretty large ego when you start thinking to yourself about things like moving databases and the like. But what I learned is that there are so many things that go into the behind-the-scenes activity. Basically, I was a moron who required help at just about every turn. But now that I’m set up, I couldn’t be happier. I highly suggest looking into Textpattern if you need hosting. Plus, the guys there are the developers working on Textpattern, which is the content manager for my sites.

Aside from moving sites, I feel like this is the right time to make a confession, being the day after the Pope’s funeral and all. And this particular sin is one that I’ve been unable to kick for some time now. It’s the sin of faithlessness. I give up too easily. I am too quick to mail it in, get angry, quit, go home and take my ball. It had been awhile since I last was guilty of this sin, until Friday night.

I settled in front of my computer to catch the graphically magnificent “live” showing of the Dodgers at Diamondbacks. After taking two of three from the Giants, who, as you can see, aren’t that good of a team historically, and silencing many skeptics, namely Worthless Bill Plaschke (they can’t silence his stupidity, just make it far more obvious to the rest of the world), the Dodgers were poised to cruise into Phoenix and smack the “revamped offense” of the Diamondbacks. As an aside, I find it really damn funny that people are picking the Diamondbacks to win the NL West because they acquired a few aging hitters, including one that I wouldn’t call much of a hitter, as much as I like him. Pitching wins things, and that’s what the Dodgers went and did, yet their own hometown columnists are saying they did wrong. Either they really are morons, or there is some sort of vendetta.

Back to the game. After seeing the Dodgers get out to a lead, only to have it nickled and dimed away by the poor bullpen (four injured pitchers to start the year certainly make things tougher on the rookies), I was in for a long ride. Then the bottom of the eighth happened. Three run bomb by one of the other aging acquisitions. It was over. I shut it down and went to do something else. About an hour later, I came back to check the final score. The Dodgers had scored four in the top of the ninth to take the lead and win the thing. I’ll be damned. All those comebacks last year that gave fans ulcers were just the beginning. This team, so far, is scoring runs and winning games despite four of their 25 man roster pitchers being hurt. Oh yeah, and their huge hitting acquisition, at a measly $11 Million a year, is 0 for 22 to start the year. What I’m saying is that the Dodgers will be just fine.

As for my sins, I have now repented. If I died right now, I could go to heaven. Let’s just hope I get this same chance after the next time I give up and lack faith.

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