It's the Coming Down That Sucks

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday November 15, 2005.

That pretty much sums it up. I’m in pain. And I think it’s because I rode a high all weekend that started with my glorious appearance in a Reno Gazette-Journal article on podcasting. Well, I guess “appearance” isn’t exactly the right word. For the picture they used a guy from a local theater troupe, but I can’t really complain. I get enough exposure with my site and all. But the article helped me a lot. Everywhere I went, people were buying me drinks and offering me virgins and stuff. It’s been awhile since that had happened, so it was a cool feeling. But, alas, I couldn’t accept too much because I have an image to uphold now.

The true highlight of being featured, though, had to be when I had lunch with my mom on Friday. My mom reads the paper all the way through every single day. Except when she doesn’t. But Friday was not a day when she didn’t. Christy, among others, was there. Christy asked, “So, Ryan’s mom, did you read the Calendar section today?” “I always read the paper,” was the reply. “Did you read the article on podcasting?” “Oh, I read about a paragraph and it bored me, so I skipped it.” At that point, laughing, I had to chime in. “Mom, you read a paragraph, and stopped?” “Yeah, why?” “Well, um, maybe you should just go back and read the whole thing again.” And people wonder why I can’t take things seriously.

I still haven’t heard from her. And people wonder why I don’t return calls and emails.

But while it was great to have been featured in the article, there was not too much happening for me. The biggest deal I had this weekend was having to tell The Girl, 6, why she shouldn’t be paying her older brother and his friend to let her hang out with them. She doesn’t get it yet. Boys should be paying her, and if you have a moral problem with that, at least let them buy things for her.

But the high is subsiding. I’m in pain now, and the paper was several days ago. That’s what sucks about newspapers. When they finally do something kick-ass and feature me, it only lasts for, like, 24 hours. By Saturday morning, I was yesterday’s news. So I have a headache and my body hurts. Of course, those could be due to the booze and the running. It’s not cool when your iPod follows up Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas with Headsprung by LL Cool J. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, find the songs and listen to them. It’s not good to be running to that while feeling guilty for drinking.

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