Cute alert: we got a new puppy

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday December 4, 2007.

Piper laying on the rugPiper: the new dog arrived at our house on Friday night, complete with a carrier, food and toys.Here’s a crazy story for you. For a long time, The Girl has been asking for a puppy. Kids ask for puppies they tell me, so I figured it was very normal. Only this time, it was close to Christmas, so there was a threat of getting the dreaded “I’ll ask Santa” line at some point.

There were talks of responsibility in the house, which really is just parents looking for a reason not to get a puppy. Really, if you’re getting an animal for your kid expecting that kid to do all (any) of the work, you’re not thinking clearly. Parents do just about everything when it comes to animals—even with the best kids. For instance, how does the puppy get fed? Who takes it to the vet? Who pays for the shots? I haven’t even gotten to the training and maintenance of the dog itself.

The Girl was serious, though. She researched dog websites looking for a breed that was small enough for our liking (Rico, our dog, is way bigger than e ever anticipated getting, and we would not even entertain the thought of a similar dog), she looked up how easy they are to train, temperament, and all the different things that you might want to know before getting a dog.

I was not into the idea at all. Every time it was brought up I said no way in hell was I getting a new dog.

Then, the Santa card was pulled. The Girl was planning to ask Santa for one thing this year—a puppy. It was going to be real tough for me to say no when she had demonstrated her genuine interest and developed a ranking system for the dogs she might want. She knew what would be easiest on all of us and started lobbying for that.

Here’s where the story gets crazy. Friday night, we were having a movie night and watching Deck the Halls, I think, when we heard a banging on the door. It scared the hell out of all of us. I looked out the window and saw the gate open. Christy looked out the little opening on the door and saw something. The Girl said, in a frightened little voice, and I am not kidding, “It’s probably the Scripps” thinking that Jim was maybe dropping off a turkey. When we realized it wasn’t Obama’s people looking to get us to a rally, we opened the door. There, on the porch was a dog carrier and a little dog. Piper.

On the carrier was a note from Santa telling The Girl that her new dog was a Border Terrier, weighs six pounds, and is two months old. He couldn’t wait to deliver her because he felt she was perfect for The Girl. So, we have Piper now. So far she seems really cool. She’s pretty well trained and does well outside. She chews, but she also came with toys. I’d have more pictures but everyone yelled at me to stop with the flash, so I figure there will be plenty to come later. Rico doesn’t really want to deal with her because he likes his toys, but she does too and she steals them.

We’ll see how this new relationship works out. It should be fine, I guess. Remind me to tell Santa thanks a lot next time I see him.

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