Damn, It's Campaign Season Again

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday March 29, 2006.

On a serious local politics note, it looks like the guys over at Battle Born News are trying to string together some debates. I hope like hell they happen, simply because I’m not sure how much actual primary coverage we can expect locally from everyone else. They are taking a shot at Assembly District 26, being vacated by Sharron Angle, who is running for Congress. The two people who have agreed to the debate, Paul Mozen (who ran as a Democrat against Angle last election) and Richard Disney, so far have nothing to lose. The other two, Mike Dillon (no site?) and Ty Cobb, are the clear favorites. Dillon is the grandson of former (very popular) Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich, and Cobb’s family has roots around this joint that go way back. Getting them to agree will be tough.

My hope is that the Battle Born News people don’t let them off the hook. They need those two guys to lend the debates an ounce of credibility, and Dillon (whom I have met in a not completely sober state several times and I believe is in it for the fame and glory) and Cobb ought to look at this as a favor to the public they hope to, um, serve someday. Also, Mozen, whom I have met and seems like a genuinely good guy, and Disney would be well-served to act civil and try to win with ideas, not attacks. But we all know attacks work, so we’ll see how it shakes out.

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