Best Commercial, Evaaar

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday September 19, 2004.

Why I have not written about this sooner, I have no idea. Some of you will immediately tune it out because of the subject matter, and others will have no idea why I think the way I do about this commercial. But either way, I feel like I must get this off of my incredibly firm and defined chest. The commercial I am talking about is brought to us by deBeers. You’ve seen it. It’s the one where the guy and the girl are obviously on some sort of anniversary trip to some crappy Euro city and the guy screams that he loves her, which makes all the pigeons fly away and she gets all embarrasses. Then, he gives her the diamond and she’s all happy. All is well in their world.

I have a really, really serious problem with this commercial. Never mind that there are shitloads upon shitloads of pigeons, some of the nastiest birds around, in it. And never mind that they’re in Europe. My problem is that every woman would absolutely love to be that woman. Now, that’s not all that bad. Who can blame any woman for that? But what bothers me is that just about every woman in a healthy relationship would love to have a man who proclaims his love for her in the town square in some romantic European city in the middle of the day.

But this woman is not. She is embarrassed by him. She doesn’t like the fact that he loves her and wants anyone wiothin earshot to know it. She does, however, love that diamond. When she is embarrassed, he then tells her that maybe the diamond will satisfy her, and only then does she show her love for him. That’s right, folks. Diamonds are what make women love you. Doing what they claim to want is not going to satisfy them. They want the bling.

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