Did somebody mention podcasting?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday October 13, 2006.

I had really almost given up the idea of podcasting. It is really time consuming (for me anyway) and it doesn’t seem like people actually care about it. Plus, I never felt like I was doing podcasts that mattered until the one with Bobzien. Well, that was all well and good, but then I started school and the time went down significantly. I had no way of getting a podcast done without it taking weeks and what good is that? Two things happened this week that changed my thinking on that.

First, I was interviewed via email by the News and Review for an upcoming feature on blogging. Sweet. Except, when I got the questions the first thing asked of me was how long I’ve been podcasting. I replied that I pretty much had given it up. It wasn’t getting much feedback and I wasn’t really that good at doing things that I thought mattered. If you wanted to hear me talk, it was great. But if you wanted interesting content that focused on local matters it was pretty lame. The interview made me realize that podcasting was on the radar again, as it was about a year ago in this town. In that year, though, the dudes at Twelve Horses began their podcast. Frankly, it kicks my podcast’s ass. They actually interview people and have access to people that are interesting. I’d be very curious to know how many listeners they have.

The second thing that happened was that I was mentioned in the latest RN&R Editor’s Note. As having done original reporting via the podcast. Of course. Like I wanted to be called out yet again in my mind for being lame. There is also the mention of it being difficult to download the damn thing, which sucks. I just switched ISP’s and had to change the IP address on all the podcasts but figured I was done with them so I wouldn’t. So I didn’t. Then I get an email from a local weekly paper editor asking me how to get the thing. I scrambled to update and forgot to update the address in the actual post about the podcast. All I really did was update the info on the RSS feed so iTunes could get it. Oops. And now I look like a technical moron in print. That’s what I get for giving up, I guess.

Those two things made me realize that podcasting might be worth another shot. So I started throwing out feelers again. I started where I left off and went all political I have one confirmation and another invite out there. I am going to do this at least a few more times. And I’m going to make them matter from now on. Only good stuff from here on out. So you, dear readers, need to do me a small favor. Let me know if you even listen to them and if they are worth the time it takes to download them. That’s all I need to know. I really like doing them and will put forth the effort if it serves a purpose. But if not, I might as well start reading things that I need to know.

Speaking of technical morons, sorry about that little formatting issue we had there. It shan’t happen again.

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