Diebold is obviously in control of Nevada's voting machines

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday November 8, 2006.

Yeah, or something. Democrats are cruising in the statewide electoral offices as of now. It doesn’t look like any of the Masto/Marshall/Wallin/Miller crew are even going to have to worry. maybe Nevada was just ready to be governed by women (Sorry, Ross Miller). But if Gibbons wins, and it’s incredibly tight right now, it will certainly be the voting machines that did it.

A couple other races to note:

Bobzien is cruising. Maybe Brooks Holcomb will have time to be on one of my podcasts now.

Cobb – 62.7%
Hardenbrook – 37.3%
Cobbler – 0%
Rough season, Cobbler. Better luck next time.

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