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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday December 20, 2004.

As long-time readers here know, this site has really just one true love in the sports world. One. Not the Raiders, not the Lakers, not my Trojans, not even the Nevada Wolf Pack. The Dodgers. This place bleeds blue. And with the Raiders being very ungood this season, and the Lakers becoming the Shaqless Kobe show, I decided early on to follow baseball’s offseason intently with regard to the boys in blue. And I have. And by following it, I mean I read the brilliant, previously linked Dodger Thoughts.

Well, the past week has brought some news that I really did not expect to hear, ever. First, we get the Beltre departure. Next, we get the still in the works deal to lose Shawn Green and Brad Penny, among others. This one hurts. While I liked Beltre a lot and was one of his biggest supporters a year ago when the world wanted his ass shipped off, Green is the one that hits home the most. The Boy wore his number when he played for the Dodgers a couple of seasons ago. Then, with all of the smack I talked about him all year, what with his grounding into 3,522,851 double plays, mostly in clutch situations, we got to see him hit a home run in person when we ventured south this summer. The Boy was all over that.

The Boy doesn’t pay the same attention I do. He just asks me stuff and I answer him. Well, the other night I had to go into his room to tell him some news. He had heard about Beltre, but when I told him about Green, he was visibly bummed. He contemplated following Green’s new team. So I was forced to do a little life coaching.

I told him that there comes a time in your life that you have to decide whether to be true to a team, or true to a player. Teams don’t go away. Players retire. You can be a fan of a team, which means you’ll have something to follow forever, or you can be a wishy-washy fuck who just likes some Johnny-come-lately free agent mercenary bastard of a player and forever be changing your act up. WE DO NOT FOLLOW PLAYERS IN THIS HOUSE, WE FOLLOW TEAMS, AND IN THIS HOUSE THAT TEAM IS THE DODGERS.

I felt sorta bad because he cried himself to sleep. But it was a lesson that had to be taught. Of course, he got up the next morning and threw his Dodger cap on, and all is well around here.

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