Driving a lie

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday August 5, 2004.

The last couple of days, while not writing for this site, I have spent a few hours at Christy’s office. I have heard all the storiees about the building before, like when you walk to the bathroom, you’ll surely run into the woman with the campaign button on who implores you to register to vote and all that jazz. Christy gets to regularly make fun of these people since she works there, but I have not yet had the opportunity to do so. And the fact that it’s the headquarters for the Northern Nevada democratic Party makes it that much sweeter when I finally do get the chance.

I have to preface this all by telling you that I’m down with so many of the causes. I am definitely against us screwing around too much in the Middle east. I am definitely a fan of recycling, conservation of resources, overall common sense consumption and all of that. Hell, I’ve even participated in that retarded Buy Nothing Day business (how one participates by doing nothing is still sort of a mystery, though). I don’t disagree on all points like a lot of other Republicans. But I do have this tendency to ask some questions of the poeple that run around spewing the mantra, especially when those people are actual representatives of the party: hanging around the headquarters, working there, or even more official, like an elected representative or a party chairman.

So that leads me to my photo semi-essay for the day. I decided, after hanging around, to take some pictures of what I thought was a pretty glaring hipocrisy on the part of the Democrats. See, I happen to be of the opinion that we really need to start changing our driving habits. I hate SUV’s. Sorry. I hate them. Yeah, I’m a Republican, I support a lot of what the Republican party does and says, but one thing I will not ever get behind is that we don’t need to start conserving oil. So color me a little shocked to find the parking lot of the Democratic Headquarters riddled with gas- guzzling SUV’s. It’s really quite sad.

I would love to walk in and start asking questions. I have the feeling that they may just ask me to leave, considering the questions I would ask, or they’d ask for my press credentials or something, so that way they could assume I wasn’t a serious questioner. But I’d love to know what their stance is on the Iraq war, being as it’s all about Bush’s oil connections. And what about the price we pay for gas? Is it too high? Isn’t John Kerry promising to lower the prices? How might he do that, considering we are not supposed to meddle in the affairs of other nations over our oil supply? And isn’t oil heavily subsidized anyway? Or is it that the U.S. dictates the price it will pay, being the biggest consumer and all? But doesn’t it make sense to stop subsidizing the price of oil by forcing other nations to work for less money from the U.S. to keep our costs down sso we can bump around in our behemoth rigs, breeding another reason for the world to hate us and commit terrorism? What do you, the reader, think the answers to those questions might be?

Oh, and isn’t Mr. Kerry’s stance on outsourcing pretty clear? Isn’t he against all the outsourcing that has happened under the Bush Administration? But I guess he’s allowed to be, since he has the support of the United Auto Workers, or what’s left of them ever since the rest of us started buying Japanese. It’s not that I’m angry or anything. it’s just that I can’t stand when a person stands up on a stump and spits a bunch of shit out of their mouth for political reasons, as opposed to real, personal reasons. I want politicians to stop reading their speeches and start speaking. Then I’d be happier. But saying that we’re doing the wrong thing by going to war for oil (if that’s what you really believe) then doing your best in consuming more than entire cities in other nations is flat out bullshit. And that goes for both sides. The Republicans make no bones about their wanting to drive around in those cars. But at least they’re not driving a lie.

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