Election 2004

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday November 3, 2004.

I was glued to the set. Election results are fascinating to me, and I watched. I wanted to see if the turnout was what we all expected it to be. I wanted to know which local hacks won. I wanted to know which guy came away with the presidency.

Yesterday wa a landmark day for me. It wa the first time in my life I marked (punched on the screen with the eraser) a box with “Democrat” next to the name. I had never voted for a Democrat, in any office, ever. Then I did yesterday. Some people just should not be elected, no matter what their party affiliation. And by the same token, some people should absolutely be elected, despite their party affiliation. And their religion.

I also drank last night. So I went to bed not really knowing what the hell was happening in the election. At least Christy paid attention, so she could tell me when I woke up. I had a conversation at work yesterday. But before I tell you about that, you have to understand something. I work at a PBS station. There aren’t a whole lot of Republicans there. There are a lot of conservative folks, but they are folks that wouldn’t vote for a Republican for any reason, ever. And when I say there aren’t a lot, I mean there aren’t any. Any. Except me. So I’ve become a sort of lightning rod at that place. All the world’s evils are committed by my ilk. Others like me.

That has done something for me. I have been completely submerged wth the other side. And I can see the good in Democrats. But it has done a disservice to them. They can’t see any good in Republicans. Nor are they living in reality. Because last night, despite the efforts of individuals at my office, in their campaigning for one candidate, George Bush carried Northern Nevada. It was close, but it wasn’t. Sure, the percentage was close, but when you talk about Northern Nevada, you’re talking about a pretty damn Republican area. So in my mind, the election was never as close as people wanted me to think it was. And by the way, props, MAJOR PROPS to Elko County for swinging the state to the incumbent. My defacto home makes me proud more often than I will admit.

Now back to the conversation. The guy at work told me that looking into the evening, he could see that Kerry would be capable of giving a graceful concession speech, but Bush would not be. I actually agreed. I couldn’t see Bush getting up there and giving a speech that would be construed as graceful in defeat. But I could see Kerry doing that. And now the election is over. If you’re hanging your hopes on some turn of events that will change the results of this election, you’re more myopic than I thought. Now my question today, as I parade through my office proud of my country, is, “Where is that speech?”

Bonus – Quote of the election: “Sure my parents talk like they might vote Republican, but the only way that would happen is if Ann Landers, Dear Abby, Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown all gave their endorsement for the Republican, and we know that’s not happening.”

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