England fans rule

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday July 1, 2006.

Did anyone else see the guy they kept showing at that bar in England during their loss to Portugal today? You’ll know him. He’s the one witht he “Mine’s a big one” shirt and half the time he was so inebriated that he had one eye closed. I even thought I saw him flipping off a TV once. He was the best. I always love those bar shots in some team’s hometown. Either the people are cheering so wildly and the bartender is passing out free drinks or they’re screaming and cussing at the TV and hanging their heads and crying. And when you mix that with soccer fans, it’s bound to get ugly. Less than five minutes after the game ended, that bar was cleared out, no doubt because the mob needed to get its “release” by overturning a few crappy english cars and lobbing some rocks through windows. Bring on the tear gas, baby, England lost!

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