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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday February 4, 2006.

Today, as Christy and The Girl left to do some wedding dress shopping with a friend, The Boy and I were pondering what to do. We finally decided to scamper down to the library. It’s a trip we make all too infrequently, unfortunately. And because we rarely go, I had no idea that I’d encounter this. title banner for anne frank exhibit

I walked through the exhibit and read all of the information. And I realized I might be about the only person who knew nothing about Anne Frank. I learned a lot from the exhibit, and may even go back. It’s a definite must-see for anyone interested in the history of Nazi Germany. Of course, many people who are really interested in Nazi Germany might already know a lot of what they have to show there.

Another thing that caught my attention is that the exhibit is sponsored by the Center for Holocaust, Genocide, and Peace Studies. The director of the center is Viktoria Hertling, whom I had for a German Composition course way too long ago. In fact, I believe I had her at the same time the center was starting up. She was a good professor, and I know that this center was her dream. They continue to do important work, and seeing people some people checking the exhibit outcheck out their exhibit made me feel pretty good about it. I only wish I had known it was there ahead of time so I could have thought about reviewing it more thoroughly.

As trite as this sounds, it’s amazing to see the images of that period in history, and read the accounts of one young girl who lived it. I heard one guy there remark that “it could happen again tomorrow.” I’m not sure if he meant that as a critique on present-day America, or if he meant that it was possible elsewhere in the world. I also heard him say, “they’re denying it ever happened.” What’s comforting about that is that the people who are denying it are generally seen as fringe lunatics. I’ve never met a sane person who belived the holocaust was a lie. In fact, I’ve never met any person who did so. But I guess as we get further from that time in history, it will become more possible for people to do so.

The exhibit is at the Downtown Branch of the Washoe County Library.

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