Ferntuckians inbred? What? Oh yeah.

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday June 27, 2006.

Poor Dawn Gibbons. So, you’re running for congress, the race looks to be pretty tight, you need an edge, so you decide to speak to some high school graduates, whom you presume might have learned something in high school, like, maybe that when you say an entire town is like a big family, you don’t actually mean that they’re inbred donkeys? Well, some people did think that’s what she meant. So a political candidate says something that, when manipulated by an idiot/political opponent, makes it sound like your whole town is retarded, so the idiot/political opponent forces an apology, then it makes the damn news? And I read about this sitting in a cabin 50 miles from Fresno on Sunday morning. In the Fresno Bee (love the Dodger coverage, by the way)! Is that how silly politics has become. Or is Fernley the problem?

I’ve cracked a lot on Fernley here, but mostly because I know it hits home with folks. I have a couple of very good friends there, and I even lived there for a time. It’s a nice town to sleep in, let me tell you. But those trips to Scolari’s for mucho booze all make sense now. I thought all the checkers looked strikingly similar, but I figured it was only a coincidence. But coincidences don’t account for successive generations getting progressively dumber, do they?

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