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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday February 9, 2008.

In attempting to put this together, I learned something about myself: I could never put “Proficient in Excel” on a résumé. I can’t figure out how to make the graphs show up so I’ll just have to type everything.

Someone asked in the survey for me to post what it looks like. Check this out. That’s actual data from this survey!

Now, on to the results. There were a total of 14 surveys submitted, so take that for what it’s worth. That’s actually more than I thought I would get. Seriously. I removed four entries because they were either cast in error or to purposely skew the results (more on that later).

Question 1: How long have you read

  • 0-6 months – 2 – 14%
  • 6 months to a year – 6 – 43%
  • 1-2 years – 1 – 7%
  • 2-3 years – 3 – 21%
  • 3+ years – 2 – 14%

That’s a pretty good mix. It’s great to be picking up new people (wonder where they came from) and it’s great that some of you have stuck this out for as long as you have. Thanks to all of you.

Question 2: How do you read the site?

  • RSS – 5 – 36%
  • Visit the site directly – 9 – 64%

This confirms what I suspected. RSS is awesome, but it still just isn’t resonating through the masses. Tons of people I know who get a lot of information online still just have no use (or idea how to really implement it) for RSS.

Which section is your favorite?

  • Know Your Nevada – 1 – 7%
  • Reactionary Hurl – 4 – 29%
  • The regular old Blog section – 9 – 64%
  • Book Reviews – 0
  • Product Reviews – 0

Yikes. I’m either a crappy book reviewer (product reviews, honestly, are so few and far between I almost didn’t include them) or people just don’t read anymore. I get tons of hits from them, though, and have gotten some good feedback. Those people don’t stick around too often, however, so while it generates hits, it doesn’t generate participants. And I don’t have ads, so it’s useless. I like them, though.

How many comments have you left here? Ballpark

  • 0-5 – 7 – 50%
  • 6-10 – 6 – 43%
  • 11-25 – 0
  • 26-50 – 1 – 7%
  • 51-100 – 0
  • 100+ – 0

Way, way too many of you don’t comment enough. I think more people should be in the 11-25 range for the site to have a healthy dialog—not necessarily a place where everyone comments all the time, just someplace where people are interested in what’s happening and want to talk about it. I want better interactivity, so I’ll have to do better to get everyone to be interactive.

Which dog is better? (only 11 votes)

  • Rico – 8 – 73%
  • Piper – 3 – 27%

Piper had four votes removed because someone gamed the survey. There were four votes in a span of 1 minute and that was the only question answered. I know who it was and that person risks ever being included in another survey if that person can’t bring themselves under control. I was actually surprised at this result. I know the truth, but Piper is so cute and most people have only seen the pictures. Rico was called “maybe the coolest dog I’ve ever met” in a conversation the other day, so he definitely has fans. Good for him.

Anything you’d like to add?

  • Best answer here was “You don’t seems so angry anymore. I have tuned out. Angry is Sexy.” I never knew I did that to people. The only thing that can come out of that comment is pictures of me being angry. I don’t think anyone wants that. Also, everyone will get checks for the ad revenue the survey generates as soon as I do. I’d tell you to keep your fingers crossed, but I don’t want your hands to be frozen in that position forever for lack of movement.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. I plan on putting another, longer-lasting survey up later this week. We’ll try to have fun with them and encourage more participation form everyone who comes here.

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