It's not that I'm dumb, I just forget

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday June 30, 2004.

Sometimes, when you have a website that you use to attempt to entertain people on a regular basis, you completely fail. And it’s not because you’re an idiot (well, maybe you are but you refuse to accept that), it’s more that you seem to be unable to hold thoughts for a few hours. So tonight Christy and I were having a conversation after dinner, but before I had to get back to work to direct a live broadcast of a call-in show with the governor. As I was walking out of the house we each made a point, and I thought to myself that that was what I’d come home and write about tonight. It was freaking brilliant.

Only there was a problem. I had hella stuff on my mind. Like directing a television show that featured the governor, which is held in somewhat high regard at my station. So I really wanted to make the show go off without a hitch. The show did go real well, and I felt pretty damn good about it. But when I came home, I tried to remember what it was I had talked to Christy about. No dice. i asked her if she could remember, and she looked at me like I was crazy. Now, this is directly related to my post about logistics problems. It really sucks to know that you have this thought, but you have no way to write it down and you’ll forget it very soon.

I wrote then that I’d love one of these killer microphone things. A fine guy who calls himself Larry read that post and picked one of those up for my birthday, so I’ve had it for a couple of weeks. Problem is, when I’m at home, I never think to use it. Sure, when away from home the iPod is always at my side, and the microphone is no further than my front pocket. But at home I’d look like a real tool to my wife and the hellions if I was carrying that thing around allt he time. the Girls barely understands it at all. She just knows that it plays music in the car, whic is itself cool enough to listen to whatever is actually being broadcast from the thing. So the lesson learned here tonight is that I guess I need to surgically attach the microphone to my cheek, or use duct tape or something, and keep it andy at all times. otherwise, you all will have to read about my troubles of coming up with a good post, just like every single other hack who has a weblog int he world has subjected you to, and that just isn’t a pretty thing.

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