Who Needs the Sun When the Cannon is Sure to Fire

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday November 26, 2005.

It’s frickin’ freezing here. I mean, I guess it is. It’s not like I have actually gone outside today or anything. My Dashboard widget says it’s 30 right now. That’s cold. And save your BS about how cold it is where you are. I wear shorts. I hate the cold. And 30 qualifies as “the cold.”

But 30 will not be stopping me today from doing what every football fan person in Reno should be doing, and that’s heading out to Mackay Stadium for the Nevada-Fresneck State game. It’s for a share of the WAC title, people. Get your asses in those seats. ESPN will be there, why shouldn’t you?

Of course, I do far better in the cold when watching football. It forces me to watch the game instead of getting up and getting beers the whole time I’m there. Or, at least until the third quarter starts. What a dumb-ass rule. They stop selling beer when the second half starts. That leaves people tired and headachy just at teh critical part of the game. We all need to be drunker at the end of a close game. That helps the home team. Shouting epithets to opposing players is supposed to happen. Also, how can you possibly dump a beer on the other team’s coach as he heads into the locker room if they haven’t sold any for an hour and a half? Somehow I’m sure The Little General is behind this travesty.

The last time I saw Fresneck in here I sat in the warmth of a luxury box and David Carr made Nevada look like a high school team. That was cool, but we had to stop doing that because it gave our kids a sense of superiority and that just doesn’t fit in with my hippie ways. So now we sit among the common folks in the South Endzone. It is a bastion of foul language and missing teeth, but it’s what football is supposed to be, right? If there are full sets of teeth next to the pathway for the visiting team into the locker room, how are they ever going to get the fell of what life in Reno is like? I’m asking a lot of rhetorical questions today.

Anyway, if you read this between the hours of 4:00 PST and 8:00 PST, turn on ESPN2 and you might see me. This is the final home game of the year, and event he final game (barring the inevitable bowl bid) so I’ll definitely be on TV. I’ll be the guy saving up beers for the postgame walk of shame for the Bulldogs, who, having already accepted a bid to a bowl game, have nothing to play for and are walloped by the Pack on “Fan Appreciation Day.”

After that, I’ll be heading home to the tune of Nevada blasting UNLV on my radio. Biggest game of the early season and the football program schedules a game that is sure to run into the start of the real game down in Vegas. Yeah, Ault has absolutely no ego.

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