Get off the bus, for crying out loud

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday July 18, 2006.

If there is one thing we’ve all learned, isn’t it that George Bush doesn’t give a shit what we all think? Does anyone disagree with me? If you do, you’ll have a pretty tough time selling it here, but try anyway.

So, if he doesn’t care, what the hell is with everyone’s righteous indignation over him massaging that woman from Germany? What purpose do you hope to serve by talking about what an ass he is? Do you expect that he’ll get home from G8 and read all of your blogs and think, “Gee, I guess that WAS inappropriate.” Hell no. Do you think that pressure will get to him that he’s totally crossed the line this time and he’ll reform himself into the Best President Everâ„¢? Hardly. The only thing I can logically think is behind every single blogger on earth posting about it is that you all want to let each other know that you’re solid. You’re giving props to the rest of your ilk by finding yet another meaningless way of slamming Bush.

Wait, I can hear it already. He screwed up the world’s view of the U.S. by touching some woman in a meeting. I’m sure the leaders of Pakistan are totally offended right now. Umm, no. See, our attitudes toward that shit are so conservative that it probably only matters here. Ever had a foreign exchange student around. Those dudes are pawing at the ladies non-stop. It’s what they do!

But if it makes you feel better that you spoke your piece on what an ass the guy is, whatever. It’s not like there are any important things going on in the world right now. Oh, and save your, “Yeah, there are things he should be doing, but he touched her!!!!!1!1!!” shit, too. I’m going to go a head and guess that his mind never left what he was supposed to be thinking about, only yours did. You know how when christian groups take something sorta innocent and make it into a phallic symbol, and people respond by saying that it’s only your mind that makes it dirty. Yeah, same thing here. So, as people who pretend to care what’s going on in the world, let’s not all kill ourselves trying to be the most pissed about Bush touching some lady’s shoulders, and let’s get back to what matters.

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